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Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of hose. It has been focused on the production of hose over 50 years. Nowadays, we have grasped the advanced production technology and accumulated rich experience, and we can produce the different usage hoses with high quality. Now the hose we produce mainly includes high pressure steel wire braided hose, high pressure steel wire spiral hose, brake hose, metal hose, flexible corrugated nylon hose, welding hose, etc.

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What Braided Hose Is
Wire braided Hose is a kind of tubular rubber product designed to transfer gas, liquid, paste or granular materials. Hose structure usually consists of inner layer, outer layer and reinforcement layer (also named middle layer). The materials of an inner and outer layer of hose usually consist of PVC, polyurethane, natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, EPDM, acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer, nitrile, chloroprene polymer rubber, silicon rubber, UPE / XLPE crosslinked polyethylene, UPE ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and so on. Reinforcement layer materials can be cotton fiber, various synthetic fiber, carbon fiber, asbestos and steel wire. The inner layer directly bears the wear and erosion of transport medium. Outer layer protects the hose body from environmental erosion and damage. Reinforcement layer is the working pressure layer. It offers hose body strength and stiffness.

Hose Feature
Recyclable, environmental friendly.
High strength, good bending properties.
Oil, ozone, aging resistance.
High pressure, abrasion resistance.
Lightweight and easy to install and maintain.
Design and customize hose according to customer requirements.

Application of Hose
According to different construction and applications, our hose can be divided into the following types: high pressure steel wire braided hose, high pressure steel wire spiral hose, low pressure hose, water hose, steam hose, welding hose, air hose, ventilation hose, brake hose, sand blast hose, fuel oil hose, teflon hose, chemical hose, food and beverage hose, etc. Here we list four kinds of hoses, showing its application as below pictures.

A excavator with high pressure hose installed is working
High pressure hose used for power transmission
Brake hose is installed on a car to brake for the car
Brake hose used on the automobile equipment
Welding hose is used at a welding equipment
Welding hose for welding equipment
Two fuel oil hoses are installed on a car to convey the fuel oil
Fuel oil hose for conveying fuel oil
Hot Products

High Pressure Steel Wire Braided Hose

Steel wire braided hose is made of single or multi-layers braided steel wire and synthetic rubber. Used for high pressure requirement equipment.

High Pressure Spiral Steel Wire Hose

Steel wire spiral hose is made of multi-layers spiral steel wire and synthetic rubber. Used for high pressure requirement machine.

Flexible Corrugated Nylon Conduits

Flexible corrugated nylon conduits made of inside nylon pipe and outside steel wire braided protection. It features highly flexible, tenacity, anti-pressure.

Metal Hose

Metal hose made of corrugated hose, braided steel wire features high flexibility, tensile, anti-abrasion. For cables protection and gas, liquid transportation.


Wire Hose Precautions, Malfunction Analysis, Transport and storage

Professional and correct installation and usage of hose ensures the hose a long working life.


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